Your Path to Jaw Health

Welcome to a transformative experience that draws from my extensive 15-year expertise in jaw therapy and a wealth of self-discovery. In these programs, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your jaw and become your own expert for jaw health.

Why Choose My Programs?

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from my 15 years of hands-on experience in jaw therapy.

  • Self-Discovery: Uncover the intricacies of your jaw and empower yourself as the architect of your jaw health. Get clarity through the jungle of expertise, guiding you to reliable and tailored information in the vast world wide web. Acquire not only knowledge but also skills to keep your jaw healthy for a lifetime. 

  • Holistic Approach: Experience programs designed to address both physical and mental aspects of jaw well-being.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Jaw-Yoga Online WORKSHOP

  • 3 Days / 3 Workshops
  • Group setting via Zoom


  • Jaw Yoga BODY (Level 1)
  • Jaw Yoga MIND (Level 1)
  • Jaw Meditations & Body Movement 

Jaw-Yoga Online MENTORING

  • 11-weeks Program
  • Individual assessment of jaw function, including a training plan (1:1, 60 minutes)
  • 11 group calls via Zoom
  • 100+ pages of jaw knowledge
  • WhatsApp group
  • Jaw-Yoga Online Workshop

Optional: Certification as a 
'Jaw Yoga Instructor' 

Online Therapy (1:1) 

The therapy program consists of 10 sessions, each 60 minutes. The therapy sessions are conducted online via Zoom once a week. For further information please message me.

Stay motivated and keep your jaw healthy 

After the program comes the follow-through. Often, it's challenging to maintain the momentum after a workshop, individual training, or mentoring program. To benefit from a healthy jaw for life, I recommend practicing Jaw Yoga at least twice a week. After all, you regularly move your body to keep it healthy, right? That's why I've introduced weekly live training sessions online via Zoom. You are warmly invited!

Jaw-Yoga & Body Movement

-Weekly Online LIVE Trainings-

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Discover the fascinating connection between the jaw and the body! In recent years, I've become increasingly aware of how crucial it is to incorporate full-body movements into our daily lives to relieve the jaw. The jaw is connected through fascial chains to the entire body, especially the pelvis, hands, and feet.

In my weekly LIVE training sessions on Zoom, I uniquely connect Jaw Yoga with "Movement Connection Flow," a full-body movement concept developed by Mestre Xuxo (Brazil).

Together, we move stress out of every cell, enhance flexibility and inner stability, and improve body and head posture.If you're interested, feel free to send me a message! Discover how this unique connection between Jaw Yoga and Movement Connection Flow can free your inner smile! 

Jaw Yoga Instructor Online Certification

Through the Jaw Yoga Academy, we offer worldwide distance learning courses for holistic jaw health. Jaw-Yoga Instructors support individuals of all ages dealing with jaw pain, teeth grinding, facial discomfort, jaw clicking, and snoring to naturally restore balance to their jaws. Working in small groups within our virtual training space, we utilize video chat, email support, and e-learning units.

Become a Jaw Yoga Instructor in 2 Steps:

1. Jaw Yoga Online Mentoring (11 Weeks):

Immerse yourself in our intensive 11-week online mentoring program, focusing on your own jaw and self-discovery. For optimal support in assisting those with jaw issues, gaining personal insights and experiences with this topic is crucial. Kiefer-Yoga Instructors lead the way, having walked the path themselves. They are familiar with the challenges and possess valuable tips to achieve the common goal. As experienced trailblazers, they share their knowledge to help others and guide them toward a healthy jaw balance. The mentoring program lays the foundation for the second step, certification.

2. Certification as a Jaw Yoga Instructor (5 Weeks + Exam):

Upon successful completion of the mentoring program, you can enroll in the certification course. This 5-week course, including an exam, focuses on imparting the skills to guide Jaw Yoga. You will learn to identify common mistakes, choose suitable Jaw Yoga Mind exercises, and design the structure of Jaw Yoga training for both individual and group settings – online and in-person. The certification program also includes fundamental business know-how to prepare you for a successful career as a Jaw Yoga Instructor.

Please note that participation in the mentoring program is a prerequisite for certification.

Discover the world of Kiefer-Yoga and share your inner smile!

Jaw health begins
where clenching and stress end!

 The jaw is a sensitive stress sensor! It means that it responds to stress with tension. Individuals with a consistently high stress level often experience the effects of JAW-STRESS, such as teeth grinding, jaw clenching, TMD, and snoring. Working on your jaw will change your entire life – get ready!

Natural Approach

My work is guided by the natural functioning of the human being. In addressing issues such as jaw problems, snoring, and malocclucions or jaw misalignments, I identify muscular and fascial imbalances, unhealthy habits, and problems in tongue and breathing functions through an assessment, which can also be conducted online. Based on this, I develop personalized therapy and training plans. With 15 years of experience, including 8 years of worldwide online therapy, my clients also benefit from recorded exercises and session content for easier integration into daily life. A natural, holistic approach also considers the mind-emotional aspects that contribute to long-term jaw health. I look forward to working together with you on your health and well-being! 

Healing through awareness.
Jaw-Heath through self-responsibility.
Jaw-Balance through self-determination & self-expression.

Tongue Tie Assessment (online)

In cases of suspected short lingual frenulum, I offer assessment and therapy both before and after a surgical release. Without proper tongue training, the frenulum can reattach, and the training must be done within a few hours. I am here to guide you or your child through the process with care!